About Organic Collections

Organic Creation marries traditional Ethiopian hand weaving with the sustainable beauty of locally produced Eri silk. The resulting fabrics represent a luxurious addition to the rich textile traditions of Ethiopia, as well as new opportunities for rural women to earn a living.

While silk has long been valued as a rich alternative or complement to the more rustic beauty of Ethiopian cotton, it was not a part of the country’s agricultural heritage until recently. Historically, wealthy Ethiopians would import it from Asia and have it unraveled and incorporated into Ethiopian weaving. This changed in 2000 when the Ministry of Agriculture brought silk from India and trained farmers on its cultivation.

Today, the production of Eri silk and the work to transform it into the beautiful woven fabrics we’ve used in our newest collection support the incomes and employment of rural women and artisans across the country.  We hope you will agree that the result enriches our tradition and enhances the heritage of the art and craft of hand weaving in a beautiful and sustainable way.

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