This collection is inspired by our traditional ‘Netela,’ a white cotton, lightweight shawl with a border typically worn over a dress, and ‘Gabi,’ a toga-like, white cotton heavy shawl with a border worn by both men and women over their clothing. The soft and comfortable shawls in our Exclusively Ethiopian Flawless Shawls collection feature a mix of color, creativity, and distinct Ethiopian design. This collection puts a modern twist on the traditional shawls worn by both men and women by combining a variety of vibrant shades and design into each Exclusively Ethiopian shawl.

The handwoven shawls in this collection are a lovely manifestation of thought, creativity, and care. Made of cotton, and handspun yarn and silk, the shawls are colorful, durable, and lightweight. The borders of each shawl are unique and vibrant and feature a hand twisted fringe edge. These shawls are perfect for both casual and formal attire in all kinds of weather. The way you wear the shawl can communicate mood, attitude, and intention.

The unique colors in this collection are created through a natural dying process using resources found in Ethiopia, including Ethiopian coffee, tree roots found in Southern Ethiopia, and the endemic flower of Ethiopia, Adey Abeba. The exciting colors, natural dying process, and exceptional border design are the most outstanding features of this collection.